Lundi 22 août 2011

Removed from the New York nightclub dress code rules

Whenever favorite dragon totem printed Ed Hardy shirt, and reality show "Jersey Shore" in the sand taste as bad as the men's men will be Little Italy's underground cocktail bar Mulberry Project excluded.If you like colorful or eye-catching striped shirt, do not fight the idea of ​​meat in the reservoir area nightclub Provocateur.Baggy T-shirt, low rise jeans how?Some taverns also the Eastern line, but senior club you will never open the door Continental.

 New York nightlife dress code has always been the secret language: decent dress you from the embarrassment of being kicked out of the club, usher in a wonderful night."Customers are interior part of the nightclub," Mulberry Project boss Ian Parms said: "The club atmosphere is not only environmental, but also a focus on the people around you, so we welcome those who wear fashion decent, charming character, interesting guests."Nightclub on the guest's right to choose can sometimes lead to criticism of alleged racial discrimination.Last December, the New York Commission on Human Rights on the East Village sports bar on Third Avenue Continental investigation, as some human rights organizations that the club "No wearing baggy jeans and Bling-Bling person entry" by the refusal of the black disguise door.Continental owner Trigger Smith denied that race to designate the customer, he said: "I am not a racist bones, only a minority ethnic dress so nothing happens to love."
Mr. Smith's response to at least clarify a nightclub dress code: isolation velvet rope outside a high-level nightclub type of people generally refuse entry, those who wear second-class customers.

Provocateur boss Michael Satsky in recognition of his efforts to Gansevoort Provocateur weekend at home with those who like to rock around the lecherous bumpkin draw a line, fortunately, these were easily recognizable style of dress to his classified work a lot easier.He said: "We do not check, do not stripe. Ideal Provocateur customers do not need to dress up in striped shirts to attract attention."

Mr. Satsky suggested that his male customers to wear leisure suits, pointed collar shirt or fleece pullover; The women will have to pay attention to the choice of shoes, he said: "5-inch heel height is a good choice, Christian is the most love. "He is not the mouth of the Christian religion, but in high heels on red famous brand Christian Louboutin.In addition, Jimmy Choo and Christian Dior also very popular.If given Provocateur night in a standard image of the people, the gorgeous European-style dress is perfect accompanied by 178cm tall.

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Vendredi 19 août 2011

Would you buy knockoff clothing?

Browsing in a clothing store, you notice a well-known clothing brand for sale at a fraction of the price. Do you scoop it up before anyone else can, or do you question its authenticity?In the wake of a counterfeit clothing bust at a store in Grand Marais that netted an estimated $18,000 worth of knockoffs, the Winnipeg Sun wanted to see what the average consumer thought of fake goods.

“I think any good Manitoban is always looking for a great deal on clothing, so when you find a good price on a name brand shirt or hoodie ... you pick it up," said Perry Neufeld. “If you find out after, it's not actually from the source, would I keep wearing it? If it fits me well and I like it, I think I'd keep wearing it.“

Skateboarder Darrick Fast said if he found out something he owned was a fake he wouldn't be too bothered.

“I probably wouldn't care all that much, as long as I could wear it and it was cheap," Fast said.

RCMP seized more than 350 items from Tropical Trends last Friday — knockoffs of popular brand names like Abercrombie & Fitch, Billabong, DC Shoes, Quiksilver and Ed Hardy.

Many customers thought they were just getting a great deal.

“I would never have guessed that it was knockoffs," said Mike Davidson, a Tropical Trends shopper. “But at the same time, when you see a price of $30 or $40 on a hoodie that should be $110, you start to think that might be too good of a deal."

No charges have yet been laid in the Grand Marais case.

Tropical Trends manager Phillip Breault said as far as he knew, the items were from a reliable supplier.

“Everything was legitimate," he said. “So we're going to stay open and hopefully nothing like that will never happen again."

RCMP Cpl. John Montgomery of the Federal Enforcement Section said consumers should keep in mind that buying knockoffs has a big impact on local retailers.

“None of that money goes to where you think it's going," he said. “There's people that are dependent upon their jobs by selling these materials."

Gerald Haasbeek, owner of Royal Sports in Winnipeg ,said he wasn't surprised to hear of the bust, but is pleased the knockoffs are now off the market.

“I don't think any brand name is immune to counterfeit goods," said Haasbeek, whose stores sell legitimate products from Billabong and Quiksilver. “I think it affects every market, whether it be cellphones to T-shirts to hockey jerseys."


If a consumer wants to make sure they're buying an authentic clothing item, a local business expert says there are a few ways to check the product.

“One is make sure all the tags are intact," said Robert Warren, executive director of the Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Manitoba. “Usually brand name companies, the hang tags ... are very specific. And most knockoff merchandise doesn't come with those tags on it."

It might not be a big difference, but the colour shade, font or spelling might be slightly off.

“The other thing to take a look at is the quality of the merchandise. That means you have to know what the real item looks like," Warren said. “The stitching might be wrong ... If the real one has an embroidered piece on it, this may have an appliqué ... if it's counterfeit."

Manitoba RCMP Cpl. John Montgomery said the biggest sign is the cost.

“If you know that a particular hoodie or a particular shirt that you can buy at a regular retailer is $50 or $60 dollars, and you can buy it online for $15 or $20 brand new, then ... that's the obvious clue. Because there's no way that the manufacturer can discount it that much to get to that price point."

What about those major brand names that pop up in discount stores? Large companies often have deals to sell last season's stock or “imperfect" items.

“The discount stores will get reject clothing ... but that's all through a legitimate supply chain," Montgomery said. “Now those stores in the past have been duped by ... suppliers who are just trying to make a buck."

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Jeudi 18 août 2011

Indie Comics Reboot: 'Scott Pilgrim' #1 as an Ed Hardy Epic

Relaunching comic books with all-new numbering and different takes on familiar characters is nothing new in the cyclical world of super-hero comics, with the upcoming DC Comics line-wide relaunch as the latest and greatest example. Giving titles a fresh start without the baggage of old stories can add new life to characters -- or completely miss the point in very fundamental ways.

With that in mind, we've commissioned an original art series of Indie Reboots from Kevin Mellon (Heart, Lovestruck), imagining how some of the most iconic independent comics might look today if they went through the Big Two reboot machine. Next up: Scott Pilgrim #1 Rebooted.

Solicitation text:

    Scott Pilgrim came to the big city full of big dreams about making it as a rap-metal mega-star -- at least, until he met Ramona Flowers, the gorgeous hooker-cum-drug mule that he couldn't seem to get out of his mind. When Ramona finally tries to break ties with her pimp Gideon Graves -- a vicious crime lord who has been flooding the streets of Toronto with a dangerous new drug called "Glow" -- only Scott can save her from the consortium of increasingly deadly hitmen that Gideon sends to take her out. Can the two star-crossed lovers find a way to survive as they spiral deeper and deeper into a gritty, grisly world where life and death is little more than a game, and men are murdered for pocket change? 168 PGS. Explicit Content.

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Mercredi 17 août 2011

Ed Hardy shares father-of-the-year honors

A Brentwood man was one of five Nashville businessmen honored recently as fathers of the year.

The event, at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, benefits the American Diabetes Association. It was produced in partnership with the Father’s Day Council.

The fathers are recognized for demonstrating the ability to balance their personal and professional lives, as well as serving as outstanding role models in their respective communities.

Those recognized were Ed Hardy, Brentwood, president of Great American Country TV Network; Jim W. Bradford, Nashville, dean and Ralph Owen professor for the Practice of Management at Vanderbilt University; Howard Gentry Jr., Nashville, CEO of the Nashville Chamber Public Benefit Foundation; Gif Thornton, Nashville, chairman of Adams and Reese LLP; and Robert Tuke, Nashville, partner at the law firm of Trauger & Tuke.

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Mardi 16 août 2011

Yanda misses third straight practice

Offensive lineman Marshal Yanda missed his third straight practice with a back injury. The Ravens continue to use Oniel Cousins at right guard and rookie Jah Reid at right tackle.

Ravens cornerback Chris Carr pulled up after a long incompletion to receiver Lee Evans. Carr held his hamstring while walking off the field and didn't immediately return.

Cary Williams and Jimmy Smith remain the starting cornerbacks despite Domonique Foxworth (knee) returning to team drills today. Foxworth is on the second team with Lardarius Webb.

On offense, Ed Dickson has taken most of the reps with the first team at tight end. Dennis Pitta, who has been working with the first team for the past week, is on second team.

Wide receiver Anquan Boldin and guard Ben Grubbs are out on the field but aren't praticing. They've probably been given the day off.

Others not practicing: wide receiver James Hardy (hamstring) and running back Damien Berry (undisclosed). Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed returned to practice after taking yesterday off.

The Ravens signed kicker-punter Jake Harfman (USC) to fill the roster spot of undrafted rookie defensive tackle Terron Sanders, who was released Monday. Harfman gives the Ravens an extra leg in training camp.

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Lundi 15 août 2011

Liao Joe fashion X "boom" flow

Into the "PARTIME" studio, immediately two large dinosaur with a large Mickey Mouse to the shock and awe! Leighton time, everyone immediately forgotten age, do not want to embrace this alien version 3 Mickey, just wanted to ride only the movie "Toy Story" in timid dinosaur Rex, fantasy across his handsome Jurassic! • Walt Disney as: "If only to look at the kids, you would be finished after all, adults but children grow up nothing."

Perhaps it was because everyone was home to a child are those fun , interesting, creative, jump Tone's surprise, always succeeded in driving fad!Issue "PARTIME" cover the most comments that go Liao Joe, as "PARTIME" editor in chief, she must not only tell you for hot fashion "wave" of trends and observations! Depends on how she broke with the manner cut T-shirt, interpretation of the "boom" fashion dress!
High Fashion X "boom"

What is a "boom"? Liao Joe said: "" boom "in English is" Street Wear ", that is" street fashion ", street fashion more and more popular, and has been sui generis." Boom "is a young attitude, bold, fun, creative , mix, break with tradition, is the "boom"! Now a lot of High Fashion brands related to foreign artists and artists together to create such a wave, I find it very interesting, and now the trend of fashion and is very ram cross-border cooperation, which Why is the theme of this issue Partime spirit as the "boom"! "

Liao Joe observation of the current overall fashion "boom" of the phenomenon is very popular, many artists also began to expand business in this area, for example: Edison Chen, Luo, JJ, are very successful cases. Joe Liao cited a number of "X fashion trend" example: "Back in these artists before, is the earliest and most successful launch of LV with Takashi Murakami" Monogram Cherry package ", I think that is a High Fashion encounter" boom " , a little street with the combination of art, is the most original and most successful of a particular case. Others include Dom Perignon Dom Pérignon pay tribute to the artist Andy Warhol, to Warhol's famous works "Death & Disaster" as the keynote color, introduced three limited edition bottle, be the trend of the packaging, each bottle of champagne are like Andy Warhol The colorful, it is also "boom." High Fashion as if younger, a little more attitude with the art of street attitude. I also observed a recent trend toward a lot of dollars, such as: YSL to launch with Puma men's shoes, LV also with American pop music singer Kanye West to launch stylish shoes, Kanye West any connection with the Italian men's shoes, brand Giuliano Fujiwara launched wave, have a wave of the trend. Paris, France, the other recent new eyewear brand Nunettes, also launched a SpongeBob sunglasses "Love Side", the lens is SpongeBob's eyes, very interesting. Both the Classic (classic) stuff packed into the young, or cross-border cooperation through the Cross Over, is the "boom"! "

Liao Joe cite their success has been personally involved in the design of the case: "Ed Hardy before the cooperation with the Hello Kitty is also a wave of successful examples, we have Cross Over (cross-border cooperation) mentioned the idea to both sides, I am responsible for designing T- shirt with the hat, must take into account the elements of Hello Kitty cute, and Ed Hardy's tattoo elements, we attempt to Ed Hardy's claws out into groups of Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty will not only make them understand the facets can also let guests in addition to Ed Hardy skull, but also a lovely choice. It was a very trend of the combination of really high degree of acceptance after the release, selling well! "

Bébé Poshé X SMG

Launched last year, the luxury cosmetics brand Bébé Poshé baby is Joe and Sun Yun-yun Liao, Lin Mu Jie own makeup brand, by the well-known makeup artist gossamer chess producer, has been called "ladies make-up department." Was introduced on the market just less than a year, has expanded from a network path to the physical store, but expanded from Taiwan to Singapore, followed by Malaysia and the mainland, progress at an alarming rate. Joe is responsible for the design of the Liao, and JJ will be talking about the next SMG brands together, launched the "surge" of goods, she said: "SMG is a T-shirt with the hat, Bébé Poshé make-up, just once with JJ ( JJ) chat, he is interested in the SMG of lovely products, I also want to Bébé Poshé humidifier, which now shares the trend of great force of young, I think it is a good combination. "What will bring out what spark it? Liao Choate do not tell "PARTIME" revealed the secret mind of IDEA: "a combination of currently still under discussion, may be made T-shirt plus a limited edition package lip gloss, lip gloss of the part, I will discuss with JJ a more "boom" of color, because Bébé Poshé are more pink color, as to what is the "boom" of color, we need further reflection. T-shirt part, will join the girls in the design elements, Graffiti may be casual way, example: like lipstick, so SMG has become feminized, Bébé Poshé become street, commodity hope to launch late this year or early next year. "

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